Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Major role of piano removalist

It is not an easy task to move a piano from one place to another as pianos are very heavy items to lift and move which can cause an unusual damage to the surrounding objects, the piano itself and to yourself also.

A piano removalist is a person who carries or lifts the piano from one place to other with maximum care and affection. Some tips should be kept in mind by the piano removalist while moving the piano with maximum safety and care-

  • Always wear gloves while displacing piano.
  • If the piano has been transported outside on a vehicle, then always cover it in plastic to protect it with maximum care.
  • Always be sure to close the lid of piano and close it securely.
  • Lift it gently on the difficult surfaces.
  • Be gentle and careful as any strain on its leg can cause the bending of the piano.
  • Always distribute equal balance to each person who are carrying piano with great care.
  • Move the piano slowly without any hustle.
  • The piano’s path should be clear and there are no obstructions in between there.
  • If it seems to have much weight then better to use the trolleys for carrying it.

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